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Weekly Meetings


Aside from providing volunteer opportunities in the Montefiore Family Health Center, BxCHL holds weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm. These meetings can be both virtual or in person. These meetings focus on providing a space where we can reflect, learn more about the healthcare field, and develop our leadership skills.

Our meetings are currently being held in a hybrid format with 1 meeting a month in person and the rest virtually through zoom. 

Common Meeting Types


Admissions Presentations

BxCHL has had presentations from the Dean of Admissions at Albert Einstein Medical College,  NYITCOM, Stony Brook, and more.

Application Support Group Month

Every September, BxCHL holds an application support month focused on addressing challenges faced by leaders preparing for the upcoming cycle. In our previous application support months, we have had presentations for the creators of CASPer, MCAT preparation study tips, writing workshops, and many more. This month leads to the beginning of the applicant support group, which meets biweekly to help applicants stay motivated and on track to submitting once the application cycle opens.

Einstein Future Advocates in Medicine (EFAM)

EFAM works to empower and mentor students from diverse and low resources communities in the Bronx. Our collaboration with EFAM has resulted in amazing student MD and MD/PhD panels, case study presentations, research presentations, writing workshops, and much more. EFAM further helps BxCHL applicants by pairing one EFAM student with a BxCHL leader throughout their application journey. 

House Keeping

Running a fully student-led organization requires meetings twice a year to make sure that things are up to date. During our house keeping meetings, leaders reflect on the available support groups/volunteer activities, what can be changed/improved in the program, and more.

Leadership Presentations

Every leader is required to present a topic of their choosing as part of BxCHL. Previous leadership presentations have been on budgeting, COVID, ASMR, and personal research. Leaders are encouraged to get creative during these presentations as they are a way to help leaders practice their public speaking skills.

Pioneers in Medicine (PIM)

Pioneers in medicine (PIMs) are individuals who have moved on to the next steps in their medical careers whether thats becoming a doctor, nurse, researcher, physician assistant, or physical therapist. We have had presentations from fields some of which include infectious disease, cardiology, family medicine, internal medicine, rheumatology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, pathology, and pediatrics.

Show and Tell

Once a new member joins BxCHL, they are asked to do a short show and tell presentation that helps the team get to know more about who they are. These presentations are laid back and tend to be 10 minutes long.

Team Building Activities

Building connections and friends is an important part of BxCHLs' mission as we keep each other motivated to make it into our next career steps! For that reason, BxCHL holds team building activities such as Jeopardy, Kahoot, Brain games, and mini projects. 

Training Workshops

BxCHL is committed to helping leaders enhance their professional and personal skills. We have had workshops focused on Naloxone training, Mental Health First Aid, Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, reflective writing workshops, and more.

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