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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways our volunteers help with the daily clinic operations at the Montefiore Family Health Center. 

Listed below are the various roles volunteers may fulfill.

Support for Pods A-D

The clinic is divided into Pods (A-D), in which teams of physicians, nurses, and patient representatives work together to provide quality care.


Volunteers' duties in the pods include:

  • Setting up rooms for patient visits

  • Supporting doctors through patient visits

While they assist Pod teams, volunteers will also observe doctors and nurses in performing procedures and patient encounters.

Patient Navigator

The clinic can be a confusing place! Nevermind the big medical terms, just finding where to go can be frustrating. This is especially so with the recent move of the FHC to One Fordham Plaza.


Patient navigators receive plenty of patient interaction by:

  • Guiding patients to appropriate area in the clinic

  • Helping patients to schedule follow-up appointments

  • Assisting front desk personnel with registration

Administrative Support

Running a clinic requires more than examining patients. Like a conductor directing a symphony, administrative staff must coordinate activities and paperwork to keep the music flowing smoothly!


With administration, volunteers help with:

  • Calling patients to pick up forms

  • Assisting in staff scheduling

  • Supporting the administrative staff

Volunteers will also have the chance to shadow the medical director and learn the ins and outs of operating a clinic!

Patient Educator

Lack Lack of health education and poor health literacy contribute to the high prevalence of preventable diseases in our community. Help actively combat this by educating the clinic's patients!

  • Selecting informational pamphlets

  • Updating educational resources in the exam rooms

  • Uploading material to the health bulletin board

  • Presenting to patients in the waiting area

  • Reviewing medications and instructions with patients

Support Group Facilitator

Volunteers recruit attendees, prepare meetings, and facilitate discussions in the following support groups:


  • Weight Loss (English and Spanish)

  • Nutrition

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnancy/ Parenting

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