May 2020 - BxCHL’s COVID NYC Community Resource Packet

Our goal with this booklet, is to provide a central packet for FHC providers which includes NYC COVID resources they may reference when seeing patients. This will help providers support their patients medically and beyond.

We have organized the resources into 7 different categories and have included a glossary to specify those which are: FREE, SNAP, WIC & UNDOCUMENTED Friendly

The 7 categories include:

1. All About COVID-19

2. Talking to Kids About COVID-19

3. FOOD (Food Banks, Delivery, Free Meals)

4. Educational Resources

5. Financial Resources

6. Mental Health Resources

7. Housing Resources

The breakdown of each resource includes its location, relevant contact information and a brief description providers may reference to orient themselves prior to, or while providing this information to their patients. Most of the resources (those in blue text) have their website embedded in their name in the event that a provider may want to seek out more information for themselves or the patient.

COVID-19 Resources
Download PDF • 201KB

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