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Current BxCHL Groups


Exercise/5 Rhythms

Leaders will help patients take the initiative to exercise regularly and maintain an active lifestyle.

  • Roles are TBD but will likely include facilitating classes and recruiting patients.


Leaders in this group will be in charge of maintaining the clinic’s community garden during the warmer months of the year.

  • Roles include planting/harvesting the garden and informing patients in the clinic about the garden as well.

Help Desk

Leaders will engage with patients in the waiting room by providing them with resources to the community and ultimately maximizing their medical care.

  • Roles include researching and providing information pertaining to community resources, FHC events, and BxCHL administered support groups.


Leaders will help introduce children to science and STEM careers through hands-on experiments.

  • Roles include recruiting participants, conducting entrance/exit surveys and facilitating experiments.


The FHC Newsletter is a monthly pamphlet intended to educate patients about a specific topic in healthcare each month.

  • Roles include editing, writing articles, and interviewing health care providers.

Small Projects Team

Leaders in this new initiative will work on a variety of small BxCHL projects within the clinic.

  • Roles include, but are not limited to maintenance of the FHC Board and BxCHL Website, and patient recruitment efforts for MyChart.

Social Media

Leaders will help maintain BxCHL's presence on various forms of social media.

  • Roles include posting on the BxCHL blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Additionally, leaders will create videos and other promotional materials on behalf of BxCHL.

We Are New York (WANY)

WANY is a citywide program created to help participants improve their English skills through conversational groups and instructional videos.

  • Roles include recruiting patients and facilitating lessons/conversations.

Weight Loss

Leaders will help patients take the initiative to manage their weight and improve their lifestyle choices.

  • Roles include facilitating discussions and conducting food demonstrations.


Leaders will work with an instructor to help patients improve their mood and decrease their pain through yoga and meditation techniques.

  • Roles include setting/clearing up the yoga room for classes and posting flyers to recruit patients.

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