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Since our inception in 2014, our team has grown from a small group of 6 to a family of over 50. Besides weekly volunteering at the clinic, we have also implemented project teams, such as gardening, WANY, Makerspace, the help desk, and the weight loss group. We have also extended our services beyond the clinic walls, participating in health fairs, donating to shelters, presenting posters at medical conferences, and advocating for social reform.

Our Leaders have graduated college and attended Master’s programs. We have 16 Leaders in top medical schools that include Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, New York Medical College, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Upstate Medical University and the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. As our program progresses, we hope that we can continue devising strategies that attract socially and economically disadvantaged scholars to pursue a career in medicine, and thus further promote the inclusion of underrepresented minorities in Primary Care. 

BxCHL is still completely student-led. Aside from volunteer opportunities, we also provide administrative roles for our members to serve as coordinators. 

Four coordinators run our daily operations, serving as administrators for our clinic activity while overseeing admission into our program. Our co-directors, Dr. Robles and Julissa, guide them in these roles by advising their delegation strategies and providing feedback on their decision-making. The coordinators meet with them on a weekly basis to discuss events and review weekly planning. In addition to this, co-directors meet individually with members to provide guidance on their paths to careers in medicine.

Previous coordinators: Katherina Brown, Kiara Hernandez, David Polanco, and Siarra Hyland

2017 BxCHL Graduation