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We are Elevating The Bronx Health Leaders of Today & Tomorrow

By providing mentoring, leadership opportunities, and academic guidance;  BxCHL alumni have been able to matriculate to schools such as NYU LI, Einstein, Cornell, UPenn, New York Medical College, SUNY Downstate, SUNY Upstate, UConn, and many more. Join us as we make a difference in the lives of Bronxites and the diversity in medicine!

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Bronx Community Health Leaders aim to create a peer support group that facilitates networking, provides guidance and mentoring, engages in community service, and helps develop the leadership skills essential to becoming a health care provider.

Family Health Center


Leaders volunteer in both clinical and non clinical volunteering throughout The Bronx. We have patient facing opportunities such as shadowing and helping our partnering physicians during their clinical activities as well as community based volunteering such as Bravo Food Pantry.



What started off as a small group of five volunteers has developed into an organization that is committed to fighting the health disparities waged against our neighborhoods and further promoting the inclusion of underrepresented minorities in medicine.

Leaders play an important role in daily clinic activities, volunteering as patient navigators, patient educators and community health advocates.





Our Meetings

Our Meetings

Pioneers in Medicine

A leader in the medical field presents on his or her path to health care, what made him or her choose that career, and tips for future health professionals. 

Leader Presentations

Program members present to the group on a health-related topic of their choice. This provides them the opportunity to hone their leadership and presenting skills.

Aside from providing volunteer opportunities in the Montefiore Family Health Center, BxCHL holds weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm. These meetings focus on providing a space where we can reflect, learn more about the healthcare field, and develop our leadership skills.

First Tuesday of the Month


Our first Tuesday meeting of every month is open to the public. If you are interested in joining our meetings, please email the to receive more information.  

*Open to the public*

Our meetings


Our meetings range each week to feature unique topics that enrich leaders on the journey they are taking into medicine. Please click the "learn mire" button above to receive more information on previous meetings we've had.

BxCHL on Social Media

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